About Groupe Omégalpha

Groupe Omégalpha Inc. was founded in 2007 by its actual president, Serge Genest, following the sale of his cabinet of geology consultants and the disposal of some mining assets. It was then decided to use part of the proceeds of the sale for scientific research and business development in the Charlevoix region, including tourist accommodation at Le Sablon.

Scientific Research

Groupe Omégalpha is primarily a consulting firm in mineral exploration. A growing part of its activities regards scientific research related to large old meteorite impacts. The two main researchers are Serge Genest, P. Geo., Ph. D., and Francine Robert, P. Geo., M. Sc., his collaborator in research since 2002. To date, our research has helped to reframe in time and space the Carswell astrobleme in Saskatchewan, to reinterpret the geological evolution of a rock formation in Chibougamau, and to bring to light in the Otish Mountains in Quebec what is becoming the largest meteorite impact structure ever listed on Earth. Work is still ongoing.

Sablon of Charlevoix

The Charlevoix region was chosen because of its particular geological history and its tourism potential, two closely related criteria. Indeed, the fall of an asteroid in the region about 340 million years ago has shaped the landscape and makes Charlevoix a preferred destination for artists and nature lovers. In 2007, during a property search by St-Laurent River Road, across the region, we have identified two sites with high potential: Le Sablon of St-Irénée and Cap-aux-Oies in Les Éboulements. In both cases, easy access to the shore and the enchantment exerted on us by the coastal landscape were decisive for our investments.